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Custom Tourmaline Willow Ring

by Claire Sandham 10 Oct 2022 4 Comments
Custom Tourmaline Willow Ring

A custom engagement ring by Botanica Jewelley, a yellow gold and green tourmaline version of the Willow Ring with three carefully carved willow leaves.

One of the most beautiful sights on a warm summer’s day is a weeping willow gently dipping its leaves into a softly flowing river. Nothing begs more to be sat under and enjoyed.

I’ve always adored the beauty of these trees and I’ve sketched and planned to add their shapes into my jewellery countless times, so when I was asked to incorporate them into an engagement ring design I was beyond enthusiastic.

Together with my client, we selected a deep green Namibian tourmaline which, when combined with the earthy tones of the yellow gold, was a lovely nod to the colours of the tree that inspired this ring. Next, I had to consider the ring’s form and how to create the very distinct shape of these leaves in metal. Mimicking the long sweeping flow of the leaves, they were positioned to “grow” up from the shank and towards the four claw setting that would hold the beautiful Tourmaline. I decided to have three leaves either side as I love the symbolism of three in rings, signifying two people’s lives becoming one. With the ring designed, it was then 3D printed in wax and I could add the final refining touches to the leaves in the wax before having it cast. I always hold my breath a little bit while I wait for a piece to come back from casting as several things can go wrong - but not this time! I fell instantly in love with this ring when I saw it in the glowing gold, and even more so once it had been worked off and polished. I finished the leaves with a slight texture, honouring the organic inspiration and ensuring they stood out from the rest of the ring. The final step was taking it off to my trusted setter to set that remarkable tourmaline in place. Every element came together once the ring was set and I was, and still am, beyond thrilled with the outcome.

Sometimes, when I have been sitting on an inspiration for a long time, it can be difficult to move towards the implementation step, but this engagement ring pushed me to do just that and I am hoping to launch some more unique willow pieces in early 2023.

Does the Willow Tree speak to you or bring up any wonderful memories? If you could choose a jewellery piece with Willow leaves, what would it be - earrings, pendant, ring? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

If you would like to discuss creating your own unique Botanica custom piece please feel free to reach out to me on or contact us here

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10 Oct 2022 Liza Perold

Why am I getting all misty eyed? I love this Claire! Well done girl. So here for the willow earings in 2023 xx

10 Oct 2022 Liza Perold

Why am I getting all misty eyed? I love this Claire! Well done girl. So here for the willow earings in 2023 xx

10 Oct 2022 Kelsey Reck

This is such a stunning ring, what a lucky couple!

10 Oct 2022 Belinda Smith

This is such a gorgeous piece and I hope to see many more willow leaf details in future ranges!

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