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A note from Claire

by Claire Sandham 08 Jun 2021 0 Comments
A note from Claire

Claire hand crafting jewellery at a local studio

Something I have wanted to do since the very start of this brand’s journey was to write regular journal entries talking about the “goings on” over here; topics I am passionate about and that inspire me, and important information I think you should know - but you know what they say about best laid plans! Better late than never though, so, three years later, we have Botanica’s first journal entry.

I’m starting the journal off with a quick introduction in case we haven’t chatted before. I’m Claire, Botanica’s founder and designer. Other than a passion for jewellery and design, I’m an avid reader, a huge dog fan (I own the cutest rescue called Pax), and love investing in time in nature. Here at Botanica, I believe in creating pieces, whether custom or our much-loved range pieces, that are designed to be worn every day, and for many years to come. All our jewellery is made locally here in our Cape Town studio and in collaboration with some of the city’s most talented artisans. Every single piece is designed by me and all manufacturing processes are overseen by me, too.

When I started Botanica in 2017 I knew I wanted to create a brand that focused on three main things; creating designs that were unique yet timeless and drew on my greatest inspirations, crafting jewellery that was made to last so the pieces that were chosen would be worn for many years encouraging less consumption and more treasuring of what we own, and to cultivate the personal relationships I am so lucky to have within the Botanica Community.  I’ve never dreamed of creating a big company, rather one that allowed me the honour of creating immensely special pieces for special clients in my signature Botanica style. This is why I still insist that the custom design process is managed by me, personally, and that I meet with each client, either in our Woodstock studio or digitally if they are not in the Cape Town area. My aim is to leave a meeting with us both feeling inspired and informed, and excited about our journey together. My hope is that every Botanica piece will be loved as much we loved making it.

I am so looking forward to sharing my passions, insights, and more about Botanica here with you.

Until next time!

Portrait taken by the talented Shante Hutton


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