Custom Design

Thinking about having something custom made?

Perhaps it is time to have that special engagement ring made? Maybe there is a special occasion you'd like celebrate by having an item of jewellery made? You have some inherited pieces you'd like redesigned? We love working on commissions and are always happy to discuss the creation of specific pieces with you. 

Having something custom made is great opportunity to design something totally unique and just for you. We've become known for modern, organic, floral pieces but enjoy working on classic and contemporary designs too.

The Process

We understand having something custom made can be quite daunting, especially if you are having something made for someone else but we're here to guide you through the whole process. We'll advise on each element from which metal to select to making sure the design suits the intended wearers lifestyle. 

We like to start with a meeting where we can have a relaxed conversation about what it is you'd like to have made and how we'll go about achieving this. Please bring along some inspiration and a little information about the person we're making the piece for.

Most of all we strive to make the process of designing your new item of jewellery a fun and stress-free one. 

Using what you already have

We love the idea of using old jewellery (gold), diamonds and gemstones. Not only is this eco-friendly but it can also add wonderful sentimental value to your piece. Please bring items in to be assessed and we can discuss how best to incorporate them into your design.


Diamonds are a popular choice for engagement rings and wedding bands and we're here to help you select the perfect one for the intended wearer. 

We firmly believe that the right diamond will make your heart sing and love going through the exciting process of hand-selecting the perfect one with you. 

The diamond is often the focal point of a design and often makes up the majority of the budget. With this in mind it is best to decide on a budget beforehand so we can present you with options that fall within your budget. This is usually starting point in your custom design, we'll select the diamond and create the rest of the design around that. 

All of diamonds are sourced from trusted suppliers and come from ethical sources. Every supplier we work with complies with the Kimberly Process and diamonds are certified through industry leading labourites such as E.G.L and G.I.A 

Other gemstones

Looking for something other than a diamond? That's not a problem at all. We love working a variety of different stones. When selecting your gemstone you'll need to consider the hardness of the stone to make sure it is appropriate for the design. 

Some of our favourite gemstones include sapphires, morganites and rubies.  

Book a consultation

We'd love to sit down and chat to you about having a piece made. We offer no commitment appointments and quotes so feel free to contact us. You can either send an email to or send us a message in the  "contact us" section on our website. 

For images of commissions we've already done please view our Instagram gallery.